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Popular Astronomy Festival 2019

The Astronomy Festival is a unique occasion to allow yourself to become passionately inspirered by the stars. Dedicated to the public, this great celebration of the sky will help you discover a whole new approach toward nightime. In addition to a pleiad of facinating activities, the festival is the only time of year that gives the public access to the research observatory of Mont-Mégantic at night. It's not everynight that you are permitted to take a peek at the sky through the most performing telescope of the country.
2019 THEME : From the Earth to the Moon : the Prodigious Journey

From the Earth to the Moon : the Prodigious Journey

Few human adventures pass through the centuries. That of the astronauts of the Apollo missions will cross the millennia. This is the story of the first humans to embark on another world. 50 years later, relive this prodigious journey that has changed our vision of the Moon... and ourselves.

2019 THEME : From the Earth to the Moon : the Prodigious Journey

8 nights : July 3-4-5-6, 10-11-12-13, 2019
A Festival reservation gives you access to :

• Special presentation at the ASTROLab.
• Access to the summit on our shuttle bus to visit both observatories :
o Astronomical Observatory of Mont-Mégantic : observation from a 60 inch telescope and presentation on the research conducted. (40 min)
o Popular Observatory of Mont-Mégantic : observation from a 24 inch telescope. (40 min), followed by a shuttle bus ride back at to the base.
The access to the summit stays the same regarless of cloudy weather, the observation is then replaced by a guided presentation at the Astronomical Observatory and a special presentation at the Popular Observatory.
Shuttle Ride departures to the summit:
at 9 pm: Presentation at 8 pm
at 11:15 pm: Presentation at 10 pm
at 1:30 am: Presentation at 00:15 (fifteen past midnight)

2018 Rates
Adults : $ 34.75
Children (17 under) : Free, when accompagnied by familiy

Taxes and Access fee to the park not included.

Reservations necessary.
Wear warm clotes, it's very cold at night.

For reservations
To make a reservation, call the ASTROLab ; click here for coordonates.

Astrolab du Mont-Mégantic